You have probably noticed that records are back in a big way. But do you know why? Well to start with they sound great. That is when you have the fundamentals right. A properly set up turntable will smoke an MP3. Sure digital is convenient and portable, but sound quality? That’s debatable. Many people find the compressed, tinny sound fatiguing. Some might say irritating.

Deep Groove Records and Audio started as idea with the intention to provide a great experience for buying vinyl LPs and turntables.  Of course, to do this right you need the proper equipment, music and staff to assist you in finding the right playback system. We can help you build a system or just add to your existing equipment.

Our inventory has been collected for over a decade from across the country with special focus on finding and restoring the very best equipment from the golden age of audio. Meticulous attention has been given to selecting the finest examples of turntables, speakers and amplifiers. All of which is now for sale at our Phoenixville, PA location on 110 Bridge Street.

At Deep Groove we can help you reconnect to the way music was meant to sound. Stop by and browse our inventory of thousands of LP’s. Lets us play a record for you and you will see what all the buzz is about.